Required in some form or fashion in nearly every project I’m involved in, I am proficient in several of Microsoft Office Suite’s applications, including:

Microsoft Word IconSkills utilized:

  • Create and manage documents
  • Format text, paragraphs and sections
  • Create tables and lists
  • Apply references
  • Insert and format objects
  • Manage and share documents
  • Design advanced documents
  • Create advanced references
  • Create custom Word elements

Microsoft Excel IconSkills utilized:

  • Create and manage worksheets and workbooks
  • Create cells and ranges
  • Create tables
  • Apply formulas and functions
  • Create charts and objects
  • Apply custom formats and layouts
  • Create advanced formulas
  • Create advanced charts and tables

Microsoft Power Point IconSkills utilized:

  • Create and manage presentations
  • Insert and format shapes and slides
  • Create slide content
  • Apply transitions and animations
  • Manage multiple presentations

Microsoft Project IconSkills utilized:

  • Initialize projects
  • Create task-based schedules
  • Manage resources and assignments
  • Track and analyze projects
  • Communicate project information

Microsoft Access IconSkills utilized:

  • Create and manage databases
  • Build tables
  • Create queries
  • Create forms
  • Create reports

Microsoft Outlook IconSkills utilized:

  • Manage the Outlook environment
  • Manage messages
  • Manage schedules
  • Manage contacts and groups