Essential for graphics editing, document layout and advanced design concepts, I am proficient in Adobe’s design and document creation software, including:

Adobe Photoshop IconSkills utilized:

  • Creating and working with layers
  • Adjusting images
  • Applying color adjustments and global tonal adjustments to images
  • Working with filters
  • Using pixel and vector-based tools
  • Getting images out of Photoshop

Adobe InDesign IconSkills utilized:

  • Laying out documents
  • Working with text
  • Managing graphics
  • Understanding color and transparency
  • Building interactive documents
  • Preparing documents for final output

Adobe AcrobatSkills utilized:

  • Viewing and navigating PDF documents
  • Creating PDF documents
  • Revising PDF content
  • Modifying and enhancing PDF documents
  • Combining PDF documents
  • Working with actions
  • Reviewing, collaborating and commenting
  • Creating forms and collecting data
  • Managing document security
  • PDF standards and print production
  • Using Acrobat on touch-based devices

Adobe Illustrator IconSkills utilized:

  • Building Illustrator documents
  • Drawing
  • Managing and transforming objects
  • Painting
  • Working with color
  • Working with type
  • Applying object effects
  • Working with placed graphics
  • Working with web graphics
  • Printing