Acting on my passion to aid small business owners in maximizing their often limited budgets, I began my career in freelance writing and design. During that time, I developed a variety of marketing materials, strategies and programs. Through those endeavors, I gained invaluable experience in managing the needs, expectations and timelines of clients across a range of industries.

Leveraging my studies, I transitioned into more formal communications and marketing roles. In these roles, I honed my ability to both develop and contribute to content marketing strategies and leverage analytics to measure results and improve future marketing efforts.

More information is available, if interested. Please review the information below for a more detailed look into my professional experience:

Marketing Consultant (B2B Marketing Company)

  • Developed and managed integrated marketing plans. Worked closely with sales management and product development staff.
  • Drafted marketing copy that was used for email campaigns, blogs, social media, landing pages, marketing materials and other areas of the website.


Communications Manager (Media Company)

  • Maintained all social media accounts on a daily basis and developed the overall social media strategy.
  • Developed and implemented strategy for the company’s digital communications.


RFP Analyst (Fortune 500 Company)

  • Took ownership of the RFP process from start-to-finish to ensure adherence to deadlines and specific customer requirements.
  • Developed strong relationships with global sales teams and internal subject matter experts to create desirable outcomes.


Freelance Copy Writer and Designer

  • Used proficiency in Adobe’s Creative Suite Software to design elements for the web (such as banner ad elements, social media profile elements, etc.) and printed materials (including brochures, flyers and more).
  • Demonstrated self-starter capabilities by managing all elements of operations, including: formation of proposals, simultaneously maintaining multiple projects at a time while adhering to deadlines and budgeting of resources.
  • Leveraged research and creative writing skills to develop enticing copy in the form of articles, blogs, ads, marketing emails, etc. across a wide range of industries.